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Artemis by Alana Bloom 🏹🦌🏛🌿

April 3, 2017 @ 9:00 am - April 7, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Artemis by Alana Bloom, Residency, Jacob Wells Baths Centre, Bristol

A solo performance like no other, Artemis weaves together circus, theatre and movement through the theme’s of mythology, ritual and the environment. Set against a huge warehouse space, this is set to be a unique and provoking piece of work

Alana Bloom brings ‘Artemis’ to Motion, Bristol this May for a three day run in a massive old industrial warehouse, realizing a project she has been researching and developing for over two years.

Alana will be in residence at Jacob Wells Baths Centre in order to rehearse the spectacular show.

Artemis is an abstract performance that weaves together our past, present and possible future by fusing a story in the air and on the ground, using aerial circus, physical theatre, movement and much more. ‘Artemis’ attempts to highlight the reality we are being catapulted towards through our actions as a society through the themes of ritual and mythology.

’The guardian of the Wild Land. Protector. Crone from the valley. Goddess of the Green. Fierce arrow, swift bow. Living river. Woman from the earth. Midwife. Older Sister. Demon from Vesuvius. Justice. Hinder or Helper. Huntress. Mistress of the feral. Master of the beast. Crone.’

Artemis awakes as if from a thousand year slumber. She had been forgotten. Her temples disintegrated, the literature written about her burnt, the statues fallen as humanity tumbled into darkness. But something stirs the final breath in her. Her limbs, fingers and toes crack, her hair thick with stone begins to move whilst dust dances with her and she pulls what’s left of herself back into the realms of the living. It is through one final dance with humanity that she shall learn and deliver their fate.


‘My feeling is that there’s no time anymore to engage with anything other than the truth.’

Paul Michael Henry wrote this to me after a gathering I participated in where I met him and witnessed his Butoh work and  this resonates with why I am making ‘Artemis.’

This isn’t just a story about greek mythology, it’s our collective mythology, the wound that we have been attempting to nurse, the source we have been cut off from and which we have essentially lost somewhere along the way. Our own unique wildness. Our fierce ability as protectors, and our responsibility to our planet.

Artemis has been in the making for over two years now and the development of it has been as much about the evolution of a woman and artist as it has been about learning about the world and where we stand in it. This piece has the potential to reach out and touch people, to spark debate and urgent conversations about our environment. The intention of artemis is to remind us to look after our environment, everything in it, especially each other.

It is humanity’s vulnerability danced to life in our modern temples from the industrial revolution. It is every scream heard and held. It is a prayer to life, a dance to the living and in honour of the dead.

Why Support?

The mere act of creating art is a tool of activism and stands defiant in an age of utter confusion. The cultivation of creativity is a valuable journey, and I hope that through my own I may inspire your own beginnings, however they may look. It is only through your own unique creativity that your support appears and allows me to play out the world of Artemis, becoming the storyteller. We have been telling stories since before history tells us we did.

Not only this, but it is important to support independent art and grass roots projects because they are the raw ideas, the one’s fed on passion and creativity. Support ideas that spark debate and that question us to look at our lives differently. Support dreams and help them manifest. Give your presence. Encourage vulnerability. Recognize that the creation of art is not defined by society but by the artist.

Supporting via donation or sharing the project, even sharing your own creative work in relation to it, your thoughts on mythology, ritual or environmentalism and using the hashtag #artemistheshow are all going to be incredibly valuable in raising the funds to make this a really special project.

How you can support?

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April 3, 2017 @ 9:00 am
April 7, 2017 @ 5:00 pm
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Jacob Wells Baths Centre
Jacob Wells Road, Hotwells,
Bristol, BS8 1DX United Kingdom
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