Celia Arias

Celia Arias at The Island

LADY GONZALEZ is a unique Fashion and Lifestyle brand officially launched in 2013 by the London-made and Bristol-based artist Celia Arias-Gonzalez.
Celia was born in Barcelona and raised in Madrid. She moved to London in 2001, where she combined WORKING as a freelance fashion stylist (www.celiaarias.com) with an apprenticeship at the costume house, Prangsta Costumiers (www.prangsta.co.uk), going on to complete a BA in Textile Art at Goldsmiths UNIVERSITY of London.
Using bold imagery, vibrant colours and powerful symbolism, Lady Gonzalez offers a range of high-quality limited edition accessories and one-off hand-crafted fashion and homeware pieces.
Celia’s signature digital textile manipulation printing techniques form the core of each design, and her strong anarchic values always feed into her WORK. The explosive combination of her methods and ideas have EARNED her the accolades ‘Neosurrealist’, and ‘Digital Print Storyteller’.
Celia and her inimitable sartorial style have carved out a true niche in the world of design. Throughout her dynamic trajectory through the art and fashion fields, her work has being showed around the World in cities like London, Berlin, Bristol and Mexico City and been featured in publications such as ID (online), Vogue Italia (online), Vision China, Super Super, Tank (online) and Carpark magazine amongst others. She has exhibited alongside the likes of Alejandro Jodorovsky, Charles Bronson, Alex Noble, Fred Butler and Iris Schieferstein and curated alongside the Mutoid Waste Company site-specific artworks and large interactive installations at Glastonbury Festival 2013.


link http://www.ladygonzalez.com