Kaye Dunnings


Kaye has been the Artistic Director for Shangri-La for the past 7 years. She has developed a new approach to festival environments by creating an evolving narrative that is carried throughout the field, encompassing every venue, art piece, performer and installation, creating the largest interactive immersive experience possible.
Kaye has extensive experience of working in the arts and events industry over the past seventeen years, with an innovative approach to the arts and theatre. She is a specialist in audience engagement, interaction and artist intervention.
She began by working with Lost Vagueness and Continental Drifts. In 2003 she spotted a much-needed gap for more intimate audience experiences – and so the Laundrettas were born. A troupe of 1950’s housewives that toured the festival circuit for 6 years with their mobile launderette and pamper parlour – “Making the world a sparklier place!”
Kaye has also worked with the Invisible Circus on and off for the past 7 years as designer, art director, costume maker as well as a performer. In 2011 -2012 she was the Art Director of the London Pleasure Gardens Project.
Kaye now is creative director of Shangri-La as well as designer for the React festival – The Rooms taking place at the Island / the station and the magistrates courts Nov 5th-7th 2016.