Klo Harris

Klo Harris at The Island

My interests lie divided between therapy and performance and dance, with one feeding the other.

The common ground is the body, movement, process and authenticity.

I have been a qualified Shiatsu practitioner since 1995, my training started however in 1986. Along the way studying various movement practices such as Yoga, Ti Chi, Chi Gung, 5 Rhythms, Shamanic Dance, and Arabic & African Dance until finally finding my home with Contact Improvisation Dance; this led me in turn to my love affair with Somatic Practice which is a great big umbrella term for the journey I have been on all along.
My time with the school for Body Mind Centering also re-ignited my creativity leading me back to my first love, performance, music and writing. Through this work I obtained a position, teaching movement to actors for Bristol University’s lifelong learning programme (sadly it had its funding cut). This was such a joy for me that I decided to deepen my vocabulary in this area by undertaking a degree in Creative Arts, where I could study physical theatre, dance theatre choreography as well as gain skills in directing and devising. In this degree I was also able to broaden my knowledge of somatic practice outside the practice of BMC as well as apply somatic practice to many of my devising processes.

Somatic Movement Educator (SME)

Somatic Movement Performer (SMP)

Contact Improvisation Dance Facilitator/Teacher

Choreographer, Director, Devisor and Performer (BA.Hons Creative Arts).

Shiatsu (Dip,Shi)
Website: http://movementprescription.dance