Rosena Wenonoah

Rosena Wenonoah at The Island

Rosena Wenonoah makes music, film and performance as Wenonoah, Purveyor of Fine Flesh Pop for Abstracted Humans. Wenonoah’s self-recorded debut album Insides: Something Funny I Ate was released on Howling Owl Records early in 2015 Here are some responses to the stripped back vocal led songs therein. “beautiful and tender and tough all at once”…TW, “courageous”…DD, “warped abstractions on the lineage of English folk”…CRACK magazine.

Rosena Wenonoah

Wenonoah participates in collaborative, improvised and experimental music events, including the As Above So Below Moon Ra/ Spring Equinox 2015 and Rummaging with Henry Collins’ and Robin Foster’s A&E.

Wenonoah is co-founder of Simula Records, a little Bristol-based DIY tape label run jointly with Burl. Experimental, ritual, poetry, lo-fi drum machine punk funk, drone. Some of the things. Releasing music by Burl, Woden, Chuman, Robin Foster.

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