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Take Exhibition at The Vestibules, Bristol

Take Exhibition

Join us at the opening of Take on the 15th of Jan / 4pm – 6:30pm!

Def. ‘Take’ meaning ‘bamboo’ in japanese.

Take is a collaborative exhibition that explores the ways we respond to poetry. Featuring works by Biba and Laurie Cole and an animation by Leo Gavin.

The works showcased have been developed from a large game of poetry consequences called ‘The Mother Stem’ that took place at SPACE and the Arnolfini earlier this year. In the game, the public used large bamboo dip pens and brushes to write poetry and draw, responding to each other’s words and pictures. Artists Laurie and Biba have collected this chain of responses and used them to form new paintings and films that carry the concept further.

Biba creates an experimental film that explores every single response through the act of movement and soundscape. Laurie constructs paintings that play with the words and visuals of the chain and highlights small and intricate moments from within the responses. Collaborator Leo’s animation takes the same concept of responding to poetry but over a longer time period; responding to a piece of music composed in 1958 that features and responds to poetry from 780 years ago. The exhibition aims to engage you with poetry new and old.


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Rikki Hewitt Exhibition, SPACE, Bristol

Rikki Hewitt Exhibition

These works on paper are a mix of linocut, screen print and drawing. They are based on visits made to Avonmouth industrial estate. I am interested in exploring how the shape and architecture of our buildings can make us feel.

Spindly chimneys puffing out steam. Large vats of gas hung like balloons over a maze of steal piping. Steel clad towers teetered like totems over the estate.

I’ve attempted to combine these shapes in graphic compositions, ignoring the rules of scale and perspective. They are made via constructed, erased and reconstructed shapes to give an impression of Avonmouths industrial architecture.
Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday
12 – 5pm
Bristol Calling art exhibition, Bristol

Bristol Calling

The way we watch is a choice we have. The way we feel is an attitude. The way we respond to stimuli define us in front of others. The way I see Bristol says more about me than about Bristol itself.
I could have chosen to paint a colourful city like Bristol in black and white, but in the post-truth era, a certain joie de vivre, is a must. Bristol Calling is a hope, looking to the future -and to the past-, playful, like in a game, post-pop, with some irony, but with determination, completely conscious of our social responsibilities. Creation is a role developed by artists to be of benefit to the whole community.

Moreover, a landscape is not only a personal view, in a deeper sense, it is my way to deal with the reality, and my offer to you to deal with the reality.
Deal with the real is the deus ex machina of the art, because the real is ungraspable. Art is a fiction we use to surf the real. As a fiction, an art exhibition is a storytelling: Once upon a time, there was a city colourful like a rainbow, and you do not notice until the end of the story that was the city you were living in.

Climb onto the surfboard. The bigger the wave, the more fun we will have. Jump into the balloon. Get on my cloud. I am happy. I feel fantastic. I like colours. I love Bristol.

Bristol Calling

6 West Street, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0BH, UK

Opening solo show by artist Jesús Andrés
Post-pop landscapes of Bristol
7th December 2017


Whether or not it is Clear to you, Exhibition Bristol

Whether or not it is Clear to you, no doubt exhibition

We welcome back Abigail Burt; sculptor and bronze casting artist for the 3rd and final part of her residency here at The Island.

Visit Abigail’s solo exhibition to view work created and ideas explored through her time with us including bronze casted sculptures collectively created with the public.

Private View: Thursday the 23rd of November 6 pm – 9 pm

Exhibition OPEN Saturday the 24th & Sunday the 25th of November 10 am – 6 pm

Gallery Space // Bridewell str entrance // 1st floor


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Lost and Found exhibition, Bristol

Lost and Found

Doug Francisco is Ringmaster and Clown with The Invisible Circus and a collector of broken treasures and forgotten objects collected over 25 years of world travel and adventure. Originally a maker of props and sets for the Circus Doug has returned to this passion recently to create assemblages of found objects and items retrieved from flea markets, skips, tat shops and bins all over Europe and the world. Lost and found is an exhibition of an initial collection created in the past year alongside some prints and castings of original pieces. The show presents an opportunity to peer into the depths of a mysterious meandering mind that sees treasure where others see trash, the beauty in decay and the sacred in the profane.

Mmm Culture, Hospice Care fundraiser and exhibition at The Vestibules, Bristol


Come along to a multimedia exhibition curated by Heather Savage. Showcasing work by a
range of Illustrators, inspired by their collective love of The Simpsons. You’ve grown up
seeing the adventures of The Simpsons on screen but now you have the chance to see it all
through the eyes of excited Illustrators, as Springfield comes to Bristol.
There will be a live gig, inspired by Homer Simpson’s college band, ‘Sadgasm’ and we will
also be selling zines, prints and much more merchandise at the exhibition, to fulfil all of your nostalgic needs.

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Featured Artists:

Heather Savage- www.instagram.com/dreamflowersavage
Jacob Hepworth-Wain
Grace Elizabeth- www.graceelizabeth.co.uk
Robbie Cathro- www.robbiecathro.com
Max Kemp- www.maxkdesign.co.uk
Gwion Christmas- www.gwionchristmas.com
Rebecca Pasieka- www.instagram.com/rhlpasieka
Jay Simpson- www.jayarthursimpson.tumblr.com
Jack Teagle- www.jackteagle.co.uk
Leo Vaughn
Liam Barrett- http://www.liambarrett.co.uk
Jono Kamester- www.behance.net/jonokamester
Jack Mears- www.jack-mears.com
Jessica Tucker
Ruby Hinton- www.rubyhinton.co.uk
Steve McCarthy- www.stevem.co.uk
Tan Kar Mern
Lize Meddings- www.lizemeddings.tumblr.com
Tom Simpson
and many more…


More information about the charity and fundraiser: 
Suggested donation of £3 entry.
All artworks are donated by various Illustrators, to be sold during the exhibition. All
proceeds raised will go to Hospiscare.

This exhibition is in association with Hospiscare; an incredibly important charity, which
provides high quality care and support for people who are terminally ill, in Exeter, East and
Mid-Devon. They also support the family and friends of patients in their care. Money raised
will go towards helping keep these vital services going, and making sure all the patients’ last days are made better.
To help raise money you can buy work from the show, go to ‘www.Hospiscare.co.uk’, or
donate directly using their Registered Charity No.297798.

Mouth Wash, The Vestibules, Bristol


Opening Night: Wednesday the 15th of November, from 17:00-19:00
The exhibition will then continue until the 17th of November.
Thursday 12:00-18:30,
Same Soul, Different Body Exhibition, The Island, Bristol

Same Soul, Different Body

Bristol Animal Save proudly prest to you ‘Same Soul Different Body.’ An animal rights themed art exhibition from 14th-18th November at The Island in Bristol. (http://theislandbristol.com/)

The title for this exhibition was inspired by the Hippocrates quote “The soul is the same in all living creatures, although the body of each is different.”

Entry is free. Food and drinks will also be available in the evenings.

See below for details of speakers and poetry

Final submission date is 14th October. Please contact us at bristolanimalsave@gmail.com and use “artwork submission” as subject line!

Artwork inspiration quotes:
“When the suffering of another creature causes you to feel pain, do not submit to the initial desire to flee from the suffering one, but on the contrary, come closer, as close as you can to him [or her] who suffers, and try to help him [or her].” – Tolstoy
“A simple reminder around a dinner table that a meal being served consists of dead animal parts tends to kill the appetite and makes the diners indignant. Nothing more significantly reveals the disgusting and illegal nature of this action than the need to hide its true meaning from oneself. To get a true notion of this matter one, first of all, has to face it. And the best way to literally “face” it is by visiting a slaughterhouse or a kitchen yard and first-hand witnessing the killing of livestock or poultry for our table. I have no doubt that the great majority of people who would do it several times with diligence very soon would recognize the unlawfulness of what is happening before their eyes.” – Chertkov 1912

We are looking for submissions of any medium (e.g. paint, pencil, sculpture, photography, performative etc) inspired by either the title quote or the quotes underneath on the topic of bearing witness to non-human animals’ suffering.

All submitted artworks will be shown on our website bristolanimalsave.com, our Instagram @bristolanimalsave and our twitter @BristolSave. We will select the works that will be shown in the physical exhibition.

Confirmed speakers include:

Tuesday 14th
7- 7.30pm Shell Chisholm Active Geo Arts www.activegeoarts.org.uk
7.30-8pm Juliet from Viva https://www.viva.org.uk/staff/juliet

Wednesday 15th 7-7.30pm Claire Palmer from Animal Justice Project gives a presentation on why she set up AJP, current campaignsand how to get involved. www.animaljusticeproject.com

Thursday 16th:
7-7.30pm Rehana Sara Jomeen from the Save Movement will speak about Zero Waste
7.30 – 8pm Jayesh Patel will speak about Vegetarian to Vegan Activist
Throughout the evening Sadie Lowery will read the poems she has written for the animals

Friday 17th:
7-7.30 Poet Dominic http://dominicberry.net/contact-me/
7.30-8.00 Vegan Geezer https://www.facebook.com/vegangeezer/

Saturday 18th:
7-7.30pm Lydia Alice from Bristol Animal Save will speak about the Worldwide Save Movement and local grassroots action.
7.30-8pm Alex Lockwood from North East save Movement will speak on Masculinity and its obstructions to going Vegan

There will also be music. Details tbc

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Please Like Me Exhibition, Bristol, SPACE

Please Like Me Exhibition

An emerging artist currently based in Bristol. Hannah’s inquiries revolve around the ideas of what constitutes a portrait in today’s society.

This is a interactive portrayal of 10 single strangers living and working in Bristol. Please like me is a study of what we think of people when we view them from a far and why. This exhibition explores our cultures addiction to judging the book by the cover and our fascination with social media.

“Can you ever truly see yourself ?
To be is to be perceived- to know oneself is only possible through the eyes of another
Art is in the seeing
Our vision is constantly active, reacting to the present surrounding’s, informing each moment of our lives.
When you look at your reflection, what do you see?
What is essential to our being
We are not static or fixed forms but in constant transit, alongside the world we live in.”

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Hannah Blight-Anderson