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If you could change your DNA, would you?

CRISPR is a new technology for editing DNA which has started to revolutionise biological research – and has the potential to transform the world around you.

Although only developed less than 5 years ago, CRISPR is already making headlines as research teams work to eradicate disease-spreading mosquitoes, solve problems of food security and develop new therapies for disease.

SynBioExpo is a collaborative exhibition between Bristol-based artists Imogen Coulter, Claudia Sticker and Theo Wood and researchers at BrisSynBio, the University of Bristol’s Synthetic Biology research network.

Come along to SynBioExpo to explore the possibilities of CRISPR, and have an open conversation with researchers who are using and studying CRISPR technologies.

Tuesday 25th April to Saturday 29th April. Open 10am – 6pm daily.
Opening Night: Monday 24th April – 6pm onwards.

This exhibition has been made possible by support from BrisSynBio and Vivid Biology.