Our mission is to provide the creative community of Bristol with access to the spaces, logistics and support they need, to foster the development of diverse and vibrant projects.

As part of the wider Artspace Lifespace project, we believe that the combined act of rejuvenating physical space, while mentoring and facilitating local talent, transforms neighbourhoods and brings fresh, diverse elements to commercial centres. These spaces serve as resource bases for smaller satellite projects, allowing other creative groups and organisations to flourish on their own.

The Old Bridewell police station was an empty shell, a dead space. We have achieved our primary goal of regenerating this building, but now the challenge ahead is to maintain a constantly supportive, nurturing approach to the artists who enter these walls.

“Artspace Lifespace is a key contributor to the cultural identity of Bristol and has become iconic in the creative narrative of the city.”

George Ferguson, CBE – Mayor of Bristol