Jonny Velon

Jonny Velon is a singer, songwriter, composer and arranger. As well as performing his own music live, he performs in Speaking In Tongues – Talking Heads Tribute, the UK’s only Talking Heads tribute band, arranges and performs for other artists, teaches singing, piano and composition from his studio at The Island and runs The R n B Choir, who rehearse every Wednesday evening at The Island.
Jonny recently had his debut album released on Scratchy Records/Cargo Distribution:

Debut LP from punk rock classical pianist raised on Rachmaninov and Lou Reed.
‘Feeling a little concerned,
I went to see a good good friend,
It was by her curtain
that I started to go round that bend’ Bristolian singer-songwriter Jonny Velon recounts on lead track ‘The White Rabbit’ as an insistent piano riff reminiscent of Ben Folds Five pulls us along and Jonny steps through the looking glass.Our journey begins..Over the next eight tracks (eleven on the cd) he ventures across a lush earworm-infested terrain trying to make sense of his life and his surroundings in the midst of mental breakdown.