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Another News Story at The Island, Bristol

Another News Story – Exclusive Bristol Screening

Another News Story takes a fresh view on the European refugee crisis. The film opens in 2015 Greece as refugees arrive on the idyllic island of Lesbos and follows refugees into Hungary and Croatia and across Europe to a hoped-for sanctuary. The film chronicles a journey beset by physical deprivation and danger, bureaucratic and political obstacles and thousands of miles of uncertainty. As the refugees wind their way across Europe they are accompanied by a pack of fellow travellers – reporters, camera-operaters, producers and news vans. As he too travels alongside the refugees debut British director, Orban Wallace, turns the camera in a new direction: the world’s 24-hour news gatherers in pursuit of the breaking story.

Amongst the backdrop of countless reports and documentaries covering the refugee crisis, Another News Story is unique in the way that it analyses the role of journalism itself. It is a thought-provoking and ethical investigation of how the Western world interacts with such horrific “stories”, tackling issues surrounding complacency, exploitation and the aesthetics of the medium.

Selected for 20 International Film Festivals.

Another News Story has recently premiered in London and this is an exclusive opportunity to see this innovative and groundbreaking documentary in Bristol.

For more information, please go to www.anothernewsstory.com

25% of proceeds donated in aid of European refugee crisis.
There will be a small bar to help raise money for the cause so please bring cash!

available from Bristol Ticket Shop:


7.30 pm

The Island
Gallery Space
1st Floor
Bridewell Street

Tools of the Trade Exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Tools of the Trade Exhibition


Preview Night: 25th June – 6.00 – 10.00pm – (BYOB)

From spray cans and paint rollers, to bolt cutters and balaclavas;
This collection of found objects sheds light on to the underworld subculture of Graffiti. Examining the tools used by artists to gain forced access to their chosen canvas and execute their often risky, and illegal work.

These assortments of items are individually and collectively symbolic of a vastly impactful art movement that has spread throughout the entire globe. First recognised as ‘Graffiti’ at the start of the Hip Hop movement in the working class areas of New York in the early 1970s, the movement has since grown to an astronomical scale, and is now widely accepted by the masses.

However, beneath the glossy murals and the priceless stenciled paintings, lie the routes of real graffiti. In displaying these inanimate objects the artist has given these items a sense of significance; making apparent the preparations of an underworld contemporary art movement.

This exhibition is dedicated to the loving memory of:

Joe Sparks: 2nd September 1986 – March 2018
Zac Winter: 28th November 1992 – March 2018

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2049921335280987/

Affected by detention, photography exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Affected by Detention: Photography exhibition

See It From Her+ presents:
Affected by Detention
-Photography work by 3 individuals who have all been
affected in different ways by immigration and detention.

The work will be accompanied by the words and voices of those from the project.


18th – 24th June 12pm – 5.30pm

**PREVIEW on 18th JUNE 7PM**

The UK is the only country in Europe that doesn’t have a time limit on detention.

In the UK, the Government detains approximately 30,000 people for immigration purposes per year.

In 2017, 28,244 people left detention. 44% were removed from the UK, which means that 56% of those detained were released back into the community, their detention having served no purpose.

What goes on in our immigration system and inside detention is often kept very hidden and those with experience are not always able to speak out.

Those involved all had very different approaches to the work they made and responses to their individual experience of immigration and detention. This exhibition is a chance to hear directly those who have been impacted.

Join the Facebook event for more info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/169932263683433/

Red Herring at The Island, Bristol

Red Herring

Red Herring is an exhibition that focuses on the truths behind all everyday practices, behaviours, attitudes and beliefs. Whether a smoke screen has been intentionally placed before us or inadvertently created, we can be distracted from real issues or even discouraged from thinking outside of the hegemonic actions that make up our cultures and societies.
The exhibition showcases work by Stephen Nulty and Raen Barnsley, who, using the approach of painting and drawing, use a layering aesthetic that enables truths to battle their way to the forefront of the image and be seen by its audience.
Nulty’s work addresses the theme of Red Herring by considering the West’s desensitisation of conflicts as a distraction from the suffering and brutalities of war, particularly in the Middle East. Nulty uses our consumption of glamourised scenes of warfare in films, games and phones to reveal how calm and impassive we have become to military practices, which succeed in falsifying our perceptions. Nulty believes that media representations of conflict equate to simulation, resulting in a disconnect from the reality of war.
Barnsley’s practice investigates the truth behind our everyday, accepted and ritualistic behaviours and beliefs. Believing that these aspects of our everyday lives are constructs that we have collectively created in an attempt to distract ourselves from an existential reality, Barnsley portrays these constructs as physical structures. Inside the structures are our ‘truths’, with the physical walls of the structure being the distraction from the real truths which exist on the other side of the wall.
The Island Gallery Space, entrance on Bridewell Street, Bristol, BS1 2LE
OPEN 12-5PM 12th – 16th June
Tuesday 12th June open until 9pm
Chasing the Light Photography exhibition, SPACE,, Bristol

Chasing the light: photographs from Sanday, Orkney

I’m pleased to present an exhibition of new work from the isle of Sanday, in Orkney.

Preview night: 5 June, 7-10 pm (details on separate event page).


Every summer, I chase the light.

City-jaded, I pack my tiny car to the gills, take a deep breath, and head north, on a 700-mile, three-day drive to Scotland’s far north-east corner, where land slips into sea, and the boat to Orkney awaits.

Each year I’m lured up again to these islands, by what feels like an infinity of space, by 180o-sky vistas, and an ever-changing drama of colour and light wrought by an extraordinary fusion of earth, sky and water. In some far-flung corners, a thick, deep almost-silence reigns, threaded with birdsong and sea sound.

I could become lost in such vastnesses, and I often do, but there’s also a holding, a homecoming.

In 2017, desire for solitude took me to Sanday, largest of Orkney’s Northern Isles – low, windswept, just 16 miles long and home to a thriving community of 550. It’s well named, with a coastline of long curving sandy beaches, particularly striking seen from the tiny 8-seater plane.

Walking out, I meet remnants of the past: lichened quernstones dot the landscape; a ruined croft house, built in a field, is now drowning in sand as the sea slowly eats its way inland.

Life continues: waves still pound around near-deserted Kettletoft pier, once Sanday’s main port. Close by, silhouetted against a brilliant sunset, a cat pads along its wall, indifferent.

Spotting a field full of birds, I stop the car to get the picture, but never do; instead, there’s a startling thunder of hooves, as a herd of curious cows bursts up, crowding to the fence to check me out.

Beachcombing uncovers more: glowing turquoise of a verdigris-coated spoon among the pebbles; later, twilight’s merging of sky, sea and sand into one breathtaking canvas of soft purples, lilacs, greys.

On a small island, everywhere is water. And more light than I could hope to catch.

ACE Project at The Island, Bristol

ACE Project Art Auction

The ACE Project is running an art auction to raise money for the Za Foundation. Local artists will make work in response to artworks created by some of the children the foundation helps. These will be exhibited side by side and then sold. On the last day there will be an art auction.

During the day there will be workshops running where you can try something new and learn a new skill.

Tuesday the 5th of June: Multiple Mediums – Try your hand at drawing techniques in different mediums. Great for people who want to have a go at everything!

Wednesday the  6th of June: Collage – Have a go at some different paper cutting and layering techniques.

Thursday the 7th of June: Colour – Explore the wonder and mystery of colour. An endeavour to understand this complicated subject a little better.

Friday the 8th of June: Tonal Drawing – Having problems making objects look three-dimensional or realistic? This is the workshop for you!

AUCTION:  Sunday the 10th of June from 5 pm

All ages welcome!

More details and updates to come, but the important thing is that this is a really great cause, so come along and grab a lovely new piece of artwork made by local artists whist supporting a wonderful charity!

Please feel free to share and to invite people, the more the merrier!

Find out more about the project on our just giving page: https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/aceproject

#aceproject #aceproject2018

Life in the Asylum exhibition at The Vestibules, Bristol

Exhibition and Drawing Classes: Life in the Asylum

Glenside Hospital Museum comes to town bringing a taste of its historic collection of drawings, photographs, and artefacts relating to mental health care in Bristol, with a series of experimental drawing workshops, open to all.
29th May – 8th June 2018
11am-6pm weekdays – 12 – 4pm Sat & Sun
For workshop timetable and booking go to https://www.eventbrite.com/e/captured-on-paper-drawing-workshop-tickets-44981262166

The Vestibules (Park Street entrance), City Hall, at the front of the building, looking out onto College Green, BS1 5TR

Glenside Hospital Museum’s perceptive documentary drawings by Denis Reed (ARCA. RWA), artist and patient at Bristol Mental Hospital, speak volumes of what life was like in this psychiatric hospital in the 1950s, shortly after the NHS had taken over the management. Each of his beautiful A4 line drawings of patients – sleeping, shaving, bathing, walking, talking – retain a startling power. The Victorians had placed a value on occupation as a treatment and previously patients, wherever possible, would have been given a job to do within the hospital community. This was not considered appropriate for the new establishment and this lack of occupation is illustrated by Reed’s drawings.
On display will be a selection of photographs and artefacts to give insight into the hospital at that time. Doctors faced with ever increasing pressures to find solutions to mental illness developed many experimental cures, such as leucotomy, ECT and Insulin Therapy. Although, still relatively little is known about the brain, it is now recognized that many of these treatments, while they may in some part have seemed to help the patient, for the most part were extremely primitive. History however is a powerful reminder that what is considered progress at the time, in hindsight may not be. While less physical intervention is currently used, in the future some of the drugs prescribed today may be considered equally primitive. 

To accompany the free exhibition there will be a series of one hour, £5 per person, experimental drawing workshops, no experience necessary and open to all.
Supported by Esmée Fairbairn Collections Fund, Bristol City Council Imagination Fund and the Association of Independent Museums Pilgrims Trust Fund, the exhibition is designed to broaden the public’s understanding of mental health and inspire the creative process.


Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/211914662935527/

Girl Gang at SPACE, Bristol

GIRL GANG II // Art Show

GIRL GANG Art Show is back!

GIRL GANG Art Show is a group exhibition, bringing together (mostly) Bristol based artists and makers for a curated bi-yearly show. It aims to showcase the talent of women (cis and trans) and genderqueer people.

GIRL GANG celebrates friendships and relationships between women/other genderqueer identities, as they become a radical act within a society that constantly pits women/marginalised identities against each other.

GIRL GANG is a non-profit, DIY project run by Lisa Rose Illustration with the support of other involved artists.

Join the Facebook event, click here.

Things I Wish I'd Known at The Island, Bristol

Things I Wish I’d Known

Things I Wish I’d Known is an art exhibition featuring current Master of Fine Art
students from Cardiff School of Art and Design. This group show brings an honest
exposure of things we wish we’d known, exploring the often eschewed aspect of
development and personal growth as both a creative and a human being. Within
the show, there will be a variety of works in different media from both national and international artists

Ronnie Houselander Cook, Martin Robert Reed, Matt Lewis, Jason Rouse, Jenny Chang, Merran Dubb, Davide Dalmanzio, Cherie Zhou, Becca Page, Rhiannon Davies, Maria Mbelu, Sapphira Hill, Nigel Ash, Giuliano Premier, Alice McKinty, Sam Kitcher

22/05/18 – 26/05/18  10:00 – 16:00 daily
Private view Wednesday 16:00-18:00

Facebook event link: https://www.facebook.com/events/1631954096924292/

Figure Drawing at SPACE Bristol

Figure Drawing

Join Lauren for a figure drawing class unlike any you’ve done before.

With a live model combining expressive dance and music in their poses – expect this class to be quick, make lots of mistakes and come out energised!

Open to both beginners and those with more experience.

All materials will be provided.

Instagram: @laurenratcliffeart



Book onto the class: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/figure-drawing-tickets-45590774233