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Art at The Vestibules, Bristol


8 Bristol based artists come together across a range of practices. From abstract, illustration and portraiture to print makers and graphic design who are all linked by a passion for ART.

The exhibition kicks off with the Private View on Saturday 21st July from 3pm – 7pm then will be open all week 10am – 7pm running Monday 23rd until Friday 27th July.

The show is fundamentally about celebrating local artists and showing the diversity of art in Bristol, with an eclectic range of original paintings, prints, and stalls selling wares there will be something for all tastes.

Emily Krainc Art – An abstract expressionist painter inspired by thoughts, emotions, memory and dreams.

Winged Fox designs – Inspired by nature, movement and storytelling. Inky lines meet colour, inviting the onlooker into a world of its own.

Lee Byway (BywayDesign) – Graphic designer inspired by music, film and TV…basically anything pop culture.

Pencil Girl – Travelling drawer and painter, she creates illustrations, murals and design. Mixing reality with a world of nonsense enables everyone to laugh at life’s realities.

Maja Beattie Art – Aims to capture the fragility, humour and spontaneity of human interaction in her vivid oil paintings and illustrations.

Astrid Foreman Fine Artist – Focuses on capturing human expression and exploring the essence of personality within her realistic large scale portraits.

Sophie Rae – Creates vibrant, layered monoprints with stencils. Inspired by patterns in nature and beautiful places she’s been.

Katharina Nyilas Illustration – Passionate about creating detailed illustrations. Much of her imagery is inspired by nature, wildlife and environmental issues.

Artists invigilating the space all week so you’re welcome to come and have a chat with us!

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/2133056483633123/

PRIVATE VIEW: Saturday 21st 3-7pm

OPEN: Monday 23rd-Friday 27th 10am – 7pm

Brook Tate Solo Exhibition at The Vestibules, Bristol

Brook Tate – Solo Exhibition

A free exhibition showing the work of Bristol based painter, Brook Tate. Taking influence from both traditional painters of the Victorian era and modern culture, he combines intricate fine art techniques with bold and colourful colours. With portraiture being his main focus, his work captures people from his own life, whether that being long standing friends or strangers he meets in the street, and each painting has a story behind it’s composition.

Brook will be painting in the gallery space throughout the week and will be selling hand embellished prints. Feel free to contact Brook directly at brooktate@hotmail.co.uk

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Lithic TEK at SPACE, Bristol

Lithic TEK

The place and source of origin. Art historians, archaeologists and conservators are constantly concerned with the questions of where, when and by whom an object or artwork was produced. But while provenance offers us a language in which to converse with artwork, the sense of belonging or responding to one’s location has been a major preoccupation of the artist throughout history. The artist is often perceived as the vehicle by which a place and moment is truly captured. These four artists have created a multi-media reactive exhibition to Stoney Littleton, a Neolithic Long Barrow nestled in the countryside between Bath and Bristol. A place of ancestral origin, folklore and modern ambiguity.  

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Abigail Burt residency at The Island, Bristol

Whether or Not it is Clear to You, No Doubt. . .

20th- 23rd September

Abigail Burt Artist in Residence

Everybody has a part to play in the unfolding of the Universe. Visitors to this installation are invited to make their mark…

Visit Abigail at The Island to step beyond your role as passive observer, and contribute to the natural evolution of the art works.

Found objects from the streets of Bristol, and melting beeswax will be waiting!



To be continued..

22nd October, Noon.
Watch the Live Bronze Casting Performance in the Courtyard of The Island.

23rd November

PV of Final Exhibition, showcasing the resulting artwork from the initial collective collaboration, alongside pieces cast during the live performance.

24th- 26th November

Final Exhibition.

[dis]place Art Residency at The Vestibules, Bristol

[dis]place Synecdoche Art Residency

Synecdoche presents [dis]place at The Vestibules, City Hall, Bristol

dis: prefix – changing a term to the negative

place: noun – a particular position, point, or area in space; a location
verb – to put something somewhere
displace: verb – to move or put out of the usual or proper place

A group of artists from Synecdoche, a Bristol-based art community, will explore the
ideas that these definitions evoke during their month-long residency at The
Vestibules in September 2017. Displaced from their normal routines to make
art in a public space, they are aiming to work differently, reacting to this new
environment, bringing a range of practices and ideas that will hopefully change and
evolve over time. The visitors may influence what happens, through interaction,
conversation or by their very presence. There will always be something to see, to
inspire and engage. Come with an open mind; every day will be different.
Can the experience of being displaced offer a fresh perspective, unexpected
connections and a new understanding?

September 5 th – 29 th
Mon to Fri 11 – 3, Weds 11 – 7
Closing party Weds 27 4 – 7

We’ll be there at other times too. If the doors are open, please come in.
Please check the [dis]place Facebook event for updates or use the QR code.
Facebook @SynecdocheArt
Twitter @SynecdocheArt
Instagram @Synecdoche.Art

Maura Zukina
Chris Watkins
Clare Thatcher
Miranda Story
Soraya Schofield
Nicola Pearce
Francis Martin
Rosie McLay
Ann Kelson
Alice Jennings
Veronia Gayle
Prerna Chandiramani
Gina Baum

Lou Baker
Margaret Anstee

Lisa Travers

I am a multimedia artist working in a variety of disciplines including photography, sculpture, collage, installation and animation. I like using waste and the challenges of the medium. I like to work and rework, making sculptures out of items, which could be photographed and animated. Or not. Not working to a plan, each piece of work evolves until it feels right to stop. The work dictates the new form. The new rhythm. The new story.