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D A I M O N I C at The Island, Bristol

DAY – TO – D A I M O N I C

Come and experience the DAIMONIC side of the human condition.
Forbidden by society…
Behind the locked doors of your subconscious…
Beneath the floorboards of day-to-day experience…
Below the trapdoor…

DAY – TO – D A I M O N I C is an immersive, transgressive and playful experience. Step inside a surreal dreamscape, exploring the clash between our primal subconscious and the rational repression of civilised tradition. It reanimates history, shaking off the venerated dust and revealing the raw irrational force of unbridled human nature. Visceral, exciting, bizarre and ironic – we explore the moment caught between fulfilment and repression, between impulse and logic. An unconscious moment repeated over and over, day-to day, trapped in a cyclical struggle.

The daimonic is described as a primal driving force that comes out of our essential human nature. It has been deep within the human psyche from the time that Homo Sapiens first began settling in groups and forming their own societies. Throughout the rise and fall of civilisations, across thousands of generations, human nature has remained more or less the same. We still have the same needs, desires, faults, and societal problems. The daimonic is a biological, psychological and spiritual drive which compels us to fulfil every part of our universal human nature and fully experience life in all its mystery.

During humanity’s time on Earth the societies we have formed have taken many different shapes and forms. They have all had their strengths and weaknesses in respect to allowing our core humanity to flourish. The customs and morals of society set out the way we live our life. We are taught from birth a rational framework of how we should experience life, and what our purpose is. However, this rigid logical version of existence is only an ideology, a pragmatic fiction.

Many people in society feel detached and unsatisfied with the lives they find themselves in. A large number of people struggle with personal identity, and even depression. Is this linked to society disrupting the natural development of our innate human nature? Strictly defined societal constructs, such as the 9-5 working routine and even the notion of marriage, suffocate our experience of life.

Sexuality within society is a typical example of how our essential experiences are restricted by narrow ideology. The heavily romanticised conventional Hollywood version of love and sexuality is idolised around the world. However, this simplistic impossible ideal completely represses our raw sexuality.

DAY – TO – D A I M O N I C explores the idea that we are missing out on true experience due to the societies we find ourselves in. It playfully investigates the irony that our true irrational subconscious selves have been repressed day-to-day for generations. Consider the life of your great-grandmother: women in the 19th century had the same human urges that drive us all, but were not free to experience and develop themselves fully. We are still struggling to come to terms with our own nature: we are passionate creatures, motivated and driven by primitive, irrational forces operating just below the surface of civilisation and rationality.

The Island Gallery

28TH AND 29TH JUNE 2018




Not for the faint-hearted…
Don’t bring your Mum!!

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Ice Road at Jacob Wells Baths, Bristol

Ice Road

Leningrad. 1942.

The siege has begun…

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“You are a cockroach, Tati. You will survive the hunger, the cold, fever and this war.”

In the wreckage of an old apartment block, four orphans are compelled to join forces to survive the murderous Leningrad blockade. Through a cruel winter, enemy shelling and gnawing hunger, Leah, Zoya, Tati and Kub fantasise of escape on the only road out of the city – the ice road.

Every night, whilst the city freezes and the bombs rain down, Leah mysteriously leaves the others for several hours. She will not tell them where she goes and they daren’t ask – the food she brings back is the only thing keeping them alive.

But then as winter bites hard, the youngest, Kub goes missing…

Harnessing Russian folklore and historical witness accounts, Ice Road fuses performance, creative technology, original music, film and aroma to tell the story of the children war leaves behind.

Jacob’s Wells Baths, Jacob’s Wells Road, Bristol, BS8 1DZ

Mon 2 – Wed 4 Oct 2017, 6.30pm

Fri 6 Oct – Sun 19 Nov:
£18.50/£16.50 concs
Mon – Sat, 6.30pm & 8.30pm
Sun 19 Nov, 6.30pm & 8.30pm

How to book

Watershed Box Office 0117 927 5100
Raucous web page:
Direct booking link: https://uk.patronbase.com/_Watershed2/Productions/11XT/Performances

Image credit: Paul Blakemore

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| Bethany Morris, Ellen Scott, Hattie Poulter, Lauren Lloyd-Evans and Rebecca Pudney |

TOUCHED is a collaborative exhibition that explores the physicality of intimacy in all its forms. It brings together artists who each have their own unique art practice to traverse the idea of what it means to be intimate and how we, as humans, understand that feeling.

This exhibition features multidisciplinary works across the spectrum, including painting, collage and stitch to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Private View: 6th June (6:30pm- 8pm)
Open To The Public: 7th June -10th June (10am-5pm)

Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell Str, 1st Floor