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Alone wiith empire at The Vestibules, City Hall


Multimedia Installation

1st – 17th of October 2018
Vestibules Art Space (Deanery Road side)
Bristol City Hall, College Green, Bristol, BS1 5TR
Opening times: 11am to 6pm (Excluding Weekends)
Duration: 15 minutes FREE ENTRY

IC Visual Lab warmly invites you to our upcoming installation Alone with Empire taking place at The Vestibules Art space (Deanery Road side), Bristol City Hall.

Running from the 1st – 17th of October, this installation provides a critical space to be alone with films from the British Empire and Commonwealth Collection, aiming to challenge the ways in which colonial film footage can be presented and experienced.

Embracing ‘chaos’ as a creative method to question how we understand historical narratives, the installation uses a digital interface to generate randomised film pieces presenting each visitor with their own unique sequence of colonial film footage. The resulting visual experiences will be catalogued by visitors using emotional keywording, and all the films generated will become part of a counter-archive, which will be hosted on a dedicated project website.

We are extremely thankful to Bristol Archives and the Arts Council of England for their ongoing support of this project, and are excited to announce that the Heritage Lottery Fund will also be supporting Alone with Empire through its Sharing Heritage scheme.

Spaces are limited and booking is essential!


This event is fully accessible

Reflections Exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Reflections – Exploring Light and Sound

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if you could see sound?

‘Reflections’ is an interactive installation exploring the unique relationship between sound and light. The exhibition presents a number of audio visual works that immerse the senses and invites the audience to think about how two energies can work along side each other and complement one another. Visuals and curation by Bristol based Graphic Designer Sophie Attwill.

Main pieces of work include;
1. Boundary – A live highly visual projection. Members of the public are invited to speak into a microphone, which in this case acts as a transducer. Participants will then see their voice/sounds they make transformed into a visual piece of art. The work uses generative arts software ‘Processing’.

2. Droste – A series of audio/visual films that explore the concept of a reflection through the process of video feedback. Music contributed by Blades & Son Of Phillip.

3. Placed into Abyss – Transports the audience member into the limbo of a reflection through the use of an interactive tactile object.

This one day exhibition takes place at Arts West Side – SPACE, in Old Market.


Pulsating visuals will be shown and in use, those with a history of photosensitivity should not attend this event.

Free Entry
4pm – 9pm

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/215555462539263/

Hamlet at The Vestibules, Bristol

Pomana – Hamlet

Hamlet-Pomana is a ‘dinner’: a meeting of artists from different disciplines – motivated by the same creative impulse – the Hamlet text.

We are looking at Hamlet from a multi-focal point of view, trying the ‘re-write’ elements of the masterpiece into a multi-disciplinary interface (de-constructed textual-theatrical, performative, visual, auditory and tactile – through objects and shapes).

Abigail Burt residency at The Island, Bristol

Whether or Not it is Clear to You, No Doubt. . .

20th- 23rd September

Abigail Burt Artist in Residence

Everybody has a part to play in the unfolding of the Universe. Visitors to this installation are invited to make their mark…

Visit Abigail at The Island to step beyond your role as passive observer, and contribute to the natural evolution of the art works.

Found objects from the streets of Bristol, and melting beeswax will be waiting!



To be continued..

22nd October, Noon.
Watch the Live Bronze Casting Performance in the Courtyard of The Island.

23rd November

PV of Final Exhibition, showcasing the resulting artwork from the initial collective collaboration, alongside pieces cast during the live performance.

24th- 26th November

Final Exhibition.

A Life, A Presence, Like the Air Front, The Vestibules, Bristol

A Life, A Presence, Like the Air

A Life, A Presence, Like the Air
A site-specific audio installation at three locations in Bristol
Waring House // The Vestibules // The Park, Knowle
28th August – 9th September

Coming to The Vestibules 30th August – 1st September
Free but booking required

About the Installation
A new site-specific audio installation exploring the everyday experience of housing, home, and the history of social housing.

Fleeting moments of struggle, triumph and tribulation told through everyday stories of people making good of austerity gone wrong.
The project is the culmination of two years of research, based around artist Caitlin Shepherd talking with people in Bristol, Machynlleth, Newtown and Stoke on Trent about housing, identity, emotion of home, home ownership, rent, social housing, class identity and earnings. It builds on the themes explored through recent commissions Discord (2016) exhibited at Somerset House, and Home (2017) exhibited at Knowle West Media Project.
The listening experience lasts for approximately 40 minutes, and is followed by a 20 minute
discussion of the work. This new work is part of Caitlin’s PhD research and audiences are
invited to reflect and share their experiences with Caitlin after the audio installation has ended.
There will be drinks, snacks and a facilitated conversation following the event.
Each show is for 5 people at a time, and is free but must be booked in advance.
The installation will also be open house for general visits during the day time across all three of the Bristol sites.

For details of open house and running times visit the link below.

To book your listening slot visit the link below.
Follow Caitlin Shepherd and the project at @Comonthreads