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Phonic Locker with Upsammy + Glances at The Island

Phonic Locker with Upsammy + Glances

It’s been some time since we last saw you.

We’ve been plotting and scheming to bring you some serious music this autumn season. To kick things off with a bang we’re bringing you the dangerously talented Upsammy alongside Bristol favourites (and residents) Glances to The Island cells.


UPSAMMY [ Whities , Nous’klaer Audio ]

Thessa Torsing has been on a somewhat meteoric rise of late. Not more than a year after her first serious show as a Dj was she made a resident at Amsterdams’ most prestigious clubbing institution De School. Since then she has released on some of the most forward pushing labels such as Whities and Nous’klaer Audio. This years’ bring her debut LP/mini-album ‘Wild Chamber’, which is a gorgeous exercise in immersive psychedelic IDM ambience.

We managed to catch her at the White Hotel where she layed down an earth-shattering set of sci-fi electro, hard futuristic techno and soothing ambient breaks, it was a real ‘what is going on’ experience. Known for curveballs, we can’t wait to see what she cooks up this time. This year has seen landmark bookings such as her debut at Dekmantel festival, so make sure to catch her in a space like this while you can.

GLANCES [ Scuffed Records, PL, 1020 Radio ]

This duo have been bubbling up something fierce of late. Their fantastic debut LP ‘Stay There’ have come into serious praise and their forthcoming productions have received support from dance stalwarts such as Batu, Peach and even our headliner of the evening. Their sound brings a euphoric flair to steppy UK techno, it’s no doubt they’re hot property. In a rave, we know from experience they have an intuitive skill for selection and we can’t wait to have them start the evening just right. For a taste of what they’re about, check out their ‘At A Glance’ mix series, it’s a real treasure chest.

Facebook event page: Phonic Locker w/ Upsammy + Glances

Tickets are available from Headfirst hdfst.uk/E57294.

Tickets are limited so make sure not to sleep on them, we’ll see you front left

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