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The Flummery Room at The Island, Bristol

Flummery Room Workshop

The Flummery Room is a professional workshop for creatives, including actors, dancers, circus artists and others who would like to explore their movement language and performance interests.
The sessions begin with a one hour class, a rich mix of individual and collective movement training using improvisation and a range of techniques to explore themes of presence, space, voice/language, character, object and more. Through a progressive layering of elements we move into a more open structure of guided improvisations and performance practise.
Reflection, collaboration and a positive feedback model is integrated throughout.
Brenda’s classes draw on a broad range of physical languages and promote the development of skills within a playful and intuitive process.

Facebook: @Brenda Waite Workshop

GYROKINESIS Method Class, Bristol

GYROKINESIS®: Spine-Core Connection for Movement Art

A full-body working movement class, using the GYROKINESIS® method:

· Increases tone, strength, flexibility through movement and breath
· Dynamic movements, active stretching
· Increases range of motion
· Connect your core
· Access greater strength and control

Sudhira will guide you through a 2-hour session that will work through the whole of the body. GYROKINESIS® is a physical movement practice which uses circular motion and breathing to gradually open up the body to greater extension and engage through the core.

Suitable for all. It is a complimentary practice to those working with their bodies.

For more information or to book your place email:


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1787592537988166/

Rosangela Silvestre and Alysson Bruno in Bristol

Rosangela Silvestre and Alysson Bruno in Bristol: 24th – 27th May 2018

Rosangela Silvestre and Alysson Bruno, internationally renowned artists are returning to Bristol for the 5th year to facilitate a 4-day intensive of Movement and rhythm workshops inspired by the African Ancestrals manifested and rooted in Brazil. This will include, Symbology of Orixa, Silvestre Technique and Musicality of Candomble.

Workshops are for all levels and abilities, suitable for dance enthusiasts from all styles and movement backgrounds.

Symbology of Orixa will be accompanied by live percussion led by Jon Hardeman & Alysson Bruno and supported by Jake Cavert, Jason Gaines, Nicky Barry and Jessamy Boydell.


Thursday 24th & Friday 25th
7-9.30 pm Symbology of Orixa Dance *

10.30am -12.30pm Musicality of Candomble
1-2.30 pm Silvestre Technique *
3- 6pm Symbology of Orixa Dance *

10.30-12 pm Movement exploration outdoor *
1-2.30 pm Silvestre Technique *
3- 6pm Symbology of Orixa Dance *
Evening: social/dinner/ drinks at a local venue

* Movement/dance workshops


Jacobs Wells Baths (former Bristol Dance Centre). BS8 1DZ

Sunday Movement exploration outdoors, meet outside Jacobs Wells Baths at 10.15 am and walk to Bradon Hill (weather dependent).


Individually purchased (per workshop):
Orixas Thursday or Friday £25 (£20 Early bird)
Orixas Saturday or Sunday £30 (£25 early bird)
Silvestre Technique £20 ( £15 Early bird)
Musicality of Candomble £20 (Limited Places)
Movement outdoor £20 (£10 for all those booking any other workshops)

All event pass (includes all workshops)
Door £160/ early bird £135

All movement workshops (excluding musicality)
Door £145 / early bird £120

All Saturday + Sunday workshops
Door £115/ early bird £95

Saturday + Sunday dance (excluding musicality)
Door £100/ earlybird £80

All day Saturday ( Musicality+Silvestre + Orixas)
Door £65/ early bird £55

All day Sunday (outdoor +silvestre + Orixas)
Door £55/ early bird £45

Early bird price to be paid by 10/5/17


To book a place please email silvestre.bristol@gmail.com

We are hoping to get lots of keen dancers involved, not only from Bristol but other cities in the UK. Please spread the word.


Angeles, Penny, Evie
On behalf of the Bristol Silvestre Family


The Symbology of Orixas is a study between the rhythms and the traditional movement, archetype and story of the Orixa dances, interpreted as an art form. Discover how sacred symbolism inspires the body to dance. Orixa is the essence of the universe.

This workshop will be accompanied by live music.

All levels are welcome!


The Silvestre Technique explores a connection with the physical body and its connection to the Universe, which Rosangela calls, “the Body Universe.” The Body Universe is symbolized by three triangles formed on the body and the four elements of Nature; Earth, Water, Air, Fire.

Established in 1982 by Rosangela Silvestre, theit is a continuously evolving contemporary dance technique with the objective of conditioning the dancer through physical and expressive training – regardless of level or previous experience.

This technique gives an opportunity for dancers to study and investigate the unification of symbols that express aspects of the universe – cosmologically and physically. Dancers will discover possibilities of movement to connect with intuition, expression, and balance.

A series of musical compositions will be created by Alysson Bruno, gues musician from Brazil. These will be based on the conversation between the body and the orchestration of diverse sounds, of musical instruments, the music of the body, and most importantly, the “silence” that connects us all. With the inspiration that guides us, we can discover how to create dance and music constantly.

All levels are welcome and encouraged to train in this technique!


Choreographer, instructor, dancer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique, Rosangela is a native of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil, where she graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Dance and post-graduated specializing in choreography, achieving her degree from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA).

Rosangela has researched dance and music in Brazil, India, Egypt, Senegal and Cuba as part of her ever-evolving and eclectic palette of movement. She acquired training in such diverse techniques as: Martha Graham, Limón, Horton, Floor Bar, Classic Ballet, Dunham Technique, and has experienced diverse dance expressions – such as Germany Theater Dance, Contemporary, Folkloric, as well as Traditional dances of Africa and other continents.

Rosangela’s instructors include Raimundo Bispo dos Santos (Mestre King), Mercedes Baptista, Clayde Morgan, Carlos Moraes, Nelma Seixas, among others, beginning in the late 1970s. Since 1981, Ms. Silvestre started to travel in and out of Brazil to teach, to train dancers, to perform, to lecture and to demonstrate, to consult, and attended seminars and residencies in diverse universities, dance festivals such as: Colorado College Dance Festival; New Orleans Dance Festival; and dance camps such as the California Brazil Camp each year. She choreographed numerous dance pieces for companies based in Brazil – Balé Folclórico da Bahia and Odunde – as well as Cleo Parker Robinson Dance Company, Ballet Hispanico Repertory Company, American Academy of Ballet, Roots of Brazil, Dance Brazil, Viver Brasil, Muntu Dance Theater, and the Kendra Kimbrough Dance Company.

Her dance investigation and constant development created an opportunity to connect with the eclectic American musician Steve Coleman, with whom she traveled to diverse countries which have African roots in their music and dance. With Steve Coleman, Rosangela developed an idea to have the body as an instrument that provides the movement-form of any sound that can be captured – thereby discovering and creating dance at any moment. Rosangela is currently the choreographer of Viver Brasil Dance Company Directed by Linda Yudin and Luiz Badaró.

Rosangela’s use of her voice is an integral part of her work in dance.



Alysson Bruno: Musician, dancer, composer, producer and music director from São Paulo, Brazil, born and raised in the religion of Candomblé of the Ketu nation.

Alysson began his training with the social and cultural organization Abaçai Cultura e Arte, led by one of Brazil’s most prominent percussionists and researchers, Ari Colares. He is the main percussionist and composer with the choreographer and creator of the Silvestre Dance Technique, Rosangela Silvestre and has played, composed, and performed with choreographer Irineu Nogueira. Alysson has also worked as Musical Director for Canadian dance company Dance Migration’s latest theatre production, Gaia and has composed for drumming group Baque de Bamba.


These workshops form part of an international tour:


Dance Movement Therapy Workshop at The Island, Bristol

Dance Movement Therapy


Dance Movement Therapy was born from the union between two fields: dance and psychology. It is founded on the principles that a vital connection exists between personality and the way in which one moves, and that changes in movement behaviour affect the emotional, intellectual and physical health of the individual (ADMT UK, 2009).

Dance Movement Therapy works with the body and its own language, looking for a full integration of the individual (mind-body).
Movement can lead to psychological changes, promoting health, social and emotional development.

Dance Movement Therapy often uses music, props and art materials in the sessions, in order to expand the possibilities for the individual to express themselves.


This workshop will take us on an inner journey of discovery, providing a space to meet with ourselves and others. Through movement and music, we will be able to explore intra-and inter-personal relationships and have a better understanding of what is dance movement therapy.

This is an Experiential Workshop that will allow the participant to have a better awareness of their bodies, a better understanding of themselves and gain knowledge of certain tools used in Dance Movement Therapy. We will give voice (verbal communication) to movement (non-verbal communication), experiencing this connection in a playful way.

No previous knowledge of dance is necessary. We recommend the use of comfortable clothes.

The number of the participants is limited so we advise you to book your place as soon as possible. Attendance must be confirmed in advance.


Dance Movement Therapist trained at the Goldsmiths University of London. Has been delivering workshops and training in Dance Movement Therapy and Combined Arts Therapies for the last 5 years.
She works as a creative therapist and as a dance movement therapist.


£25 – Full Price
£20 – Early bird before 21st February
Concessions for people on benefits or students (proof required).

Join the Facebook event, click here.

Body Room Landscape workshop, The Island, Bristol

Body Room Landscape

Body Room Landscape    
 in the Island Gallery
Please join me for this experimental and playful workshop exploring material and practices from my week long residency in the Gallery space.
This two hour movement- based session will focus on forging connections between our felt, imaginative states and an outer visual and tactile terrain.
We will begin by exploring body systems such as skin, soft tissue and bones bringing us into a deeper dialogue with our physical presence, each other and our surroundings.
Through a series of sensory investigations we will tune into the diverse textures of the body and materials to inform and inspire our expressive movement potential.
This workshop is aimed at anyone wanting to explore and develop their movement language.  No previous experience necessary.
Brenda’s classes offer a broad range of tools to support clarity and openness within a playful and intuitive process.
As part of this residency at the Island Gallery I will be exploring the creative and performative potential of an embodied relationship to objects and materials.

Seeking an understanding of our environment through immediate sensory experience. 

The Flummery Room, Dance Space, Bristol

Flummery Room presents The Six Viewpoints

This Flummery Room workshop will explore some of the key principles and materials of the improvisation method, The Six Viewpoints.  
  Space, Shape, Time, Emotion, Movement, Story.  “These are the six materials named in The Six Viewpoints that constitute basic deconstructed theatre. Working directly with these materials the artist begins to learn of performance through the essential languages as an independent intelligence.” Mary Overlie.  
 Brenda Waite has been working in and researching movement based improvisation performance practises for over 20 years.  She teaches regularly as part of The Flummery Room, a space for artistic exchange, professional training and performance practise for established and emerging artists from a range of creative disciplines. Brenda’s classes offer a broad range of tools and structures that provide clarity, support and openness within a playful and intuitive process.  
Date;  Sunday 17th September
Time: 11- 1.30pm 
Cost: £10.00
To Reserve a place please contact Brenda:  redwaite@yahoo.com 
Further information: Brenda Waite workshops on F.B.
GYROKINESIS Method Class, Dancespace, Bristol

GYROKINESIS® Core and Flexibility class

Set yourself up for the day with this gentle yet dynamic stretch and core session.
GYROKINESIS® class focuses on spinal mobilisation and body alignment,  preparing you for
whatever the day brings.

About the GYROKINESIS® method:
The GYROKINESIS® method is an exercise system that increases tone, strength and
flexibility through movement and breath. In a GYROKINESIS® class we will focus on
dynamic movements and active stretching, not only increasing range of motion in all parts
of the body but also benefitting the internal organs, by improving circulation and aiding in
The GYROKINESIS® method builds the connection between core muscles and skeletal
structure, enabling the body to access greater strength and control. It enhances movement
capacity and body control across all forms of sport and performance disciplines.
GYROKINESIS® is a registered trademark of GYROTONIC® Sales Corp and is used with their permission.
Please bring a yoga/exercise mat if you have one.

£ 8 drop in

Free on MoveGB: https://www.movegb.com/venue/5886

Feel free to cotact Sudhira with any questions via email: sudhira@sudhira.net
Keep up to date on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kinespiralmovement/

Or contact via phone: 07531203646



Monday Morning Ongoing Dance Group at Dancespace, Bristol

Monday Morning Ongoing Dance Group

“Just the pleasure of moving and the pleasure of using your body is, I think, maybe the main point. And the pleasure of dancing with somebody in an unplanned and spontaneous way, when you’re free to invent and they are free to invent.” – Steve Paxton

Arriving, Allowance, Transformation

Dates: 11th September – 16th October (6 weeks)
Class time: 9.45am – 11.15am
Cost: £48/£38 conc For 6 Weeks,
Location: Dance Space, The Island, Nelson St, Bristol BS1 2LE
Contact: Jamus 07908582791, email: embodiedpresence@gmail.com

With Jamus Wood and Lee Bolton

Join Us Now

So what is it to Deepen in our dance?

This group is about allowance, giving ourselves the time and space for our own individual movement to flower and form. With enough guidance and movement inquiries to support this journey. The focus of this second group is finding the support our senses and moving from them, dropping tension and discovering simplicity.

As a way to explore our moving selves we will work with Experiential Anatomy, Developmental Patterns or Movement Principles.

This class is for everyone who loves to move. Whether you are a dancer on paper or a dancer in your heart this is a class for you.

Come and be a dancer in your body!!!

Half Mask workshop, The Island, Bristol

Improvisation and the Half Mask

“Wearing a mask is a powerful tool to release creativity, play and dramatic expression. It frees us from the pressure to ‘create’ as we let the mask lead us, giving us a new experience of our own potential as performers”

This introductory workshop will prepare participants to physically and vocally improvise in the half mask.

Day One.

-Body work, opening expressive possibilities focusing on breath, rhythm, dynamics, isolation and alignment.

-Improvisation skills that support intuitive play, communication and creating in the moment.

-Sound and movement, the relationship between speech and gesture.

-Core techniques in the creation of the half masked character, bringing the mask to life in performance.

Day Two. 

We will revisit and build on the principles and skills from Day One and include the following:

-Physical presence, clarity and focus on stage.

-Timing, comedy and nuances of character.

-Create open- ended scenarios.

-Introduce the concept of the counter mask.

We will be playing with a set of seven varied and delightful half masks created by master mask craftsman Mike Chase. This workshop is open to practitioners who are interested in exploring physical theatre and entering into a process of discovery.  All levels of experience welcome!

Brenda’s classes promote an individual sense of play and invention within a stimulating and supportive environment.

Workshop Dates:  Sunday 14th.

Time:                  11- 3pm.  

Course Fee:        £30

Places limited to 12 participants. Booking is essential.

 To book and for enquiries please contact Brenda 


Tel. 07510770895.


Movement workshop, Jacob Wells Baths Centre, Bristol

Artemis Movement Workshop

This workshop hosted by Alana Bloom in the stunning Jacob’s Well’s Baths space, run by those amazing folks at Artspace Lifespace,will be an exploration of the theme’s surrounding this show, whilst encorporating elements of the skill’s that have been used during it’s development over the past two years. These skills are based in physical movement work and can be suitable for anyone, the workshop will be facilitated rather than ‘taught’ and will be exploring movement and the imagination through improvisation, with an open space movement/contact jam for the final hour.

Expect journeying. Expect to be drawn into your own physical world. Be Invited to leave your shoes, words and day at the door. Be invited to communicate and connect. Be invited into ritual space, be invited to turn your attention inwards at the sensations in your bodies.

Stay tuned for more details.

Suggest Donation £5 with all proceeds going to the divine aerial queen Lyn Routledge and the hire of her aerial rig for this week’s rehearsal.


Jacobs Wells Road,

Website: http://theislandbristol.com/spaces/jacobs-wells-baths/
What’s on: http://theislandbristol.com/events/category/jacobs-wells-baths/
FaceBook: JWBaths.Centre
Twitter: JWBaths_Centre

Jacobs Wells Baths is an Artspace Lifespace (Reg Charity No: 1168150) project