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Bristol Calling art exhibition, Bristol

Bristol Calling

The way we watch is a choice we have. The way we feel is an attitude. The way we respond to stimuli define us in front of others. The way I see Bristol says more about me than about Bristol itself.
I could have chosen to paint a colourful city like Bristol in black and white, but in the post-truth era, a certain joie de vivre, is a must. Bristol Calling is a hope, looking to the future -and to the past-, playful, like in a game, post-pop, with some irony, but with determination, completely conscious of our social responsibilities. Creation is a role developed by artists to be of benefit to the whole community.

Moreover, a landscape is not only a personal view, in a deeper sense, it is my way to deal with the reality, and my offer to you to deal with the reality.
Deal with the real is the deus ex machina of the art, because the real is ungraspable. Art is a fiction we use to surf the real. As a fiction, an art exhibition is a storytelling: Once upon a time, there was a city colourful like a rainbow, and you do not notice until the end of the story that was the city you were living in.

Climb onto the surfboard. The bigger the wave, the more fun we will have. Jump into the balloon. Get on my cloud. I am happy. I feel fantastic. I like colours. I love Bristol.

Bristol Calling

6 West Street, Old Market, Bristol BS2 0BH, UK

Opening solo show by artist Jesús Andrés
Post-pop landscapes of Bristol
7th December 2017




| Bethany Morris, Ellen Scott, Hattie Poulter, Lauren Lloyd-Evans and Rebecca Pudney |

TOUCHED is a collaborative exhibition that explores the physicality of intimacy in all its forms. It brings together artists who each have their own unique art practice to traverse the idea of what it means to be intimate and how we, as humans, understand that feeling.

This exhibition features multidisciplinary works across the spectrum, including painting, collage and stitch to create an immersive experience for the viewer.

Private View: 6th June (6:30pm- 8pm)
Open To The Public: 7th June -10th June (10am-5pm)

Gallery Space
The Island
Bridewell Str, 1st Floor