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The Bristol Nomad Photography exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Bristol and Beyond

An evening of friendly faces, free wine, beautiful music and most importantly fantastic art.
Join myself (The Bristol Nomad), Chris Hill, Sam Miles & Sam Binding on a journey around your city and beyond.

7pm – 8pm Drinks ?
8pm – 9pm Live Music, drinks ?
9pm – 10pm charity auction for Cots for Tots and a few other surprises

UWE Graduation Photos at The Vestibules, Bristol

UWE Best Value Graduation Photos (Not For Profit)

We are here to SAVE YOU MONEY!

We are ‘not for profit’ meaning your photos will be the best value possible.

Same great quality, better price.

We exist to save students money.

We are run by students and ex-students who are passionate about reducing the hidden costs of graduation.

Our photographers have extensive portrait photography experience.

The cheapest option with the ‘official photographer’ is around £30, with us it’s £2.50.

With us, you are not obliged to buy anything and there is no upfront cost. You can view all your photos and choose only the ones you like. We’ll even give you the digital copies to do with as you wish.

Located in The Vestibule of City Hall (adjacent to Bristol Cathedral) we are a 10-second walk away from the where you graduate. You can simply drop in whenever you want, before or after Graduating.

We will also allow you to have photos with family and friends at no extra charge.

Price guide:
Basic Prints £2.50-£5
Mounted Prints £5-£10
Framed Prints £15
Packages £17.50-£40 for 5-7 mounted prints in a selection of different sizes.
(These prices will drop if lots of students use us, so please LIKE and SHARE)

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/341618769706099/

Affected by detention, photography exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Affected by Detention: Photography exhibition

See It From Her+ presents:
Affected by Detention
-Photography work by 3 individuals who have all been
affected in different ways by immigration and detention.

The work will be accompanied by the words and voices of those from the project.


18th – 24th June 12pm – 5.30pm

**PREVIEW on 18th JUNE 7PM**

The UK is the only country in Europe that doesn’t have a time limit on detention.

In the UK, the Government detains approximately 30,000 people for immigration purposes per year.

In 2017, 28,244 people left detention. 44% were removed from the UK, which means that 56% of those detained were released back into the community, their detention having served no purpose.

What goes on in our immigration system and inside detention is often kept very hidden and those with experience are not always able to speak out.

Those involved all had very different approaches to the work they made and responses to their individual experience of immigration and detention. This exhibition is a chance to hear directly those who have been impacted.

Join the Facebook event for more info and updates: https://www.facebook.com/events/169932263683433/

Chasing the Light Photography exhibition, SPACE,, Bristol

Chasing the light: photographs from Sanday, Orkney

I’m pleased to present an exhibition of new work from the isle of Sanday, in Orkney.

Preview night: 5 June, 7-10 pm (details on separate event page).


Every summer, I chase the light.

City-jaded, I pack my tiny car to the gills, take a deep breath, and head north, on a 700-mile, three-day drive to Scotland’s far north-east corner, where land slips into sea, and the boat to Orkney awaits.

Each year I’m lured up again to these islands, by what feels like an infinity of space, by 180o-sky vistas, and an ever-changing drama of colour and light wrought by an extraordinary fusion of earth, sky and water. In some far-flung corners, a thick, deep almost-silence reigns, threaded with birdsong and sea sound.

I could become lost in such vastnesses, and I often do, but there’s also a holding, a homecoming.

In 2017, desire for solitude took me to Sanday, largest of Orkney’s Northern Isles – low, windswept, just 16 miles long and home to a thriving community of 550. It’s well named, with a coastline of long curving sandy beaches, particularly striking seen from the tiny 8-seater plane.

Walking out, I meet remnants of the past: lichened quernstones dot the landscape; a ruined croft house, built in a field, is now drowning in sand as the sea slowly eats its way inland.

Life continues: waves still pound around near-deserted Kettletoft pier, once Sanday’s main port. Close by, silhouetted against a brilliant sunset, a cat pads along its wall, indifferent.

Spotting a field full of birds, I stop the car to get the picture, but never do; instead, there’s a startling thunder of hooves, as a herd of curious cows bursts up, crowding to the fence to check me out.

Beachcombing uncovers more: glowing turquoise of a verdigris-coated spoon among the pebbles; later, twilight’s merging of sky, sea and sand into one breathtaking canvas of soft purples, lilacs, greys.

On a small island, everywhere is water. And more light than I could hope to catch.

Foto Oe exhibition at SPACE, Bristol

Foto One, FdA Professional Photography Year One Exhibition, City of Bristol College

‘Foto One’ is an exhibition of work produced by first year students on the FdA Professional Photography at City of Bristol College. Works on show in the exhibition include socially conscious documentary exploring the problem of loneliness in our aging population, observational works exploring quiet moments in unnoticed spaces in the city and energetic commercial fashion shoots demonstrating skills in direction, lighting and styling.

This is a celebration of the students’ on-going photographic explorations on their current assignments and offers an insight into the development of their broad creative processes.
Based in the City Centre at our College Green campus, the course offers industry experience, creative and technical challenges as well as the business skills necessary in a highly competitive market.

Our students graduate into the photo-imaging industry or continue with academic studies (to BA Hons, or M.A.) through a top-up year, often with our academic partner, Plymouth University.

Students exhibiting their work are, Natalie Bewley, James Bihan, Craig Blackley, Shannon Gearing, Kayleigh Gresty, Mairead Hayward, Ines Barreto, Chloe Palmer, Tristan Potokar, Bethany Quick, Karla Salazar and Kinga Kaczuba.

Open Saturday 5th May and Sunday 6th May 11am – 6pm

Facebook: fdaphotobristol

Join the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/574643219585469/

UCW Photography Exhibition at The Island, Bristol

UCW Photo Collective

We are a diverse collective of second and third year photography students from
Weston University.
We will be putting on an exhibition of our work to display our journey as developing

Artists exhibiting will be:
Shaun Rowlands
Emma Iris-Hill
Laura Maggs
Oli Phillips
Charleen Burse
Peter Harris
Charlie Paris


OPEN 24 – 28th April 11am – 5pm
Preview 24th April 6pm – 9pm 

Expired Memories at The Vestibules, Bristol

Expired Memories: Exhibition Opening

Expired Memories
March 21st – 23rd
The Vestibules, Bristol

An installation of 35mm film photography exploring themes of Nostalgia, Memory and Experience.

Using expired rolls of film and vintage cameras, we seek to explore the ways in which a photo can take you back in time, through subject, outlook and process. Come and be transported through blurred hazy visions of the past..

**Opening Event**
Wednesday 21st March 16:00 – 19:00
Suggested Donation: £2
Refreshments provided

This exhibition is the result of a collaborative photography project involving students of UWE Bristol.

Curated by Jane O’Brien & Suri Varma


Join the Facebook event, click here.

Pop Up Photography Studio

Update your headshot? Refresh your ‘about me’ page? Or create new content for your social media?

 Capture yourself. Capture your passion. Bring along the tools of your trade, or just yourself. Fresh. Fun. We are in Bristol for 2 days. Get involved.

 Shoot Dates are 30th & 31st January.

 The Menu

Choose between a modern hand painted and the classic dark backdrop.

The Single – £50

30 Minute photo shoot

1 high resolution retouched digital portrait

The Triple – £135

45 Minute photo shoot

3 high resolution retouched digital portraits

Book now: https://www.littlecheltenham.com/new-products

Longer time slots available on request. 

Travelling Tintype Portrait Studio, SPACE, Bristol

1850’s Travelling Tintype Portrait Studio

Photographer Gareth Jarvis will be setting up shop; creating stunning 1850’s tintypes at SPACE Gallery’s own portrait studio.

Available for single portraits, couples, families and pets, his ever popular photographs will be available to book for hourly sessions on:

Thursday 25th January 12-6pm
Friday 26th January 12-6pm
Saturday 27th January 12-6pm

Wednesday 31st January 12-6pm
Thursday 1st February 12-6pm
Friday 2nd February 12-6pm
Saturday 3rd February 12-6pm

Tintypes are richly detailed one-of-a-kind silver images made by creating a direct positive on a thin sheet of metal coated with a dark lacquer or enamel and used as the support for the photographic emulsion.
They are extremely archival, heirloom pieces. Vintage examples are clear as when they were made 150 years ago.

Plate sizes include:
‘4 1/4 x 5.5’ inches at £45
and ‘5 x 7’ inches at £60.
and whole plate ‘6.5 x 8.5’ at £80

Enquiries at

Book your portrait session now at

Join the Facebook event, click here.

Alternative Perspectives

An exhibition of A-Level Photography personal investigations.

A main theme of architectural photography of historic landmarks has been explored. This is aiming to find the beauty within the man-made historical aspects of Bristol/Bath.

The second theme revolves around urban landscapes within the backstreets of Bristol. Students have chosen to merge our projects into a single exhibition as takes a look at two sides of Bristol, and the surrounding area. With the landmarks being the commonly seen and documented side of Bristol whereas the backstreets being the hidden side.