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How Can I Help? A residency with a difference from Artspace Lifespace, The Island and The Vestibules

How Can I Help?


When resources are made available in the creative sector, how, under what conditions and in whose interest are they awarded. Using this as our starting point we are delighted to release a new community sustainability project that invites an individual or group to act as a custodian of our electric cargo bike for a six-month term.

If you had an electric cargo bike what would you do with it?

An electric cargo bike has the capacity to travel through a city with agility, carrying light freight with a comparatively lower environmental impact than petrol-fuelled vehicles. They are gaining popularity in cities where they are commonly seen delivering goods and services to the community. 

We are inviting applications from individuals and informal groups for a project that clearly identifies how a cargo bike can help support them becoming more sustainable and grow their service. You can be a maker, producer, organiser, facilitator or communicator. You can be working in art, health, community or services. We are particularly interested in ideas at infancy stage. We want to see this resource support a project in development so if you are established and financed this one is not for you. We hope that the use of this bike will enable an idea to expand into a bigger project, creative business or service but we also want to hold the space and possibility that an idea just may not work in reality. We understand that recourse to financial support when an idea is experimental is difficult and pushing an idea into a viable fundable package can limit potential. In response to this, we are offering something that we hope sits somewhere in the middle, that will enable and inform with less prescription about what makes an outcome successful. 


We would like your project to have a clear purpose and to see you have identified communities/users it will impact.  

We would like to talk with you at four points during your residency, to hear what is happening and how you are finding it. We will not ask you for specific reporting but we would like to understand how the residency is working or not working so we can think about future versions of this programme and document your process. The successful candidate will also be asked to register for: https://www.lovetoride.net/bristol and maintain a log of their usage. 

The bike is a vehicle for road use, therefore we will need to go through a process at the start of your residency to make sure you will be safe whilst using it. We will provide insurance against theft or damage but you will be responsible for the correct use and maintenance of the bike. We will ask you to take out rider insurance against injury in the case of an accident. 

In the application we ask for information about you and your work, this can be information about projects you have worked on, a place you have worked or volunteered and any other circumstance where you have developed ideas into reality. 

Deadline for applications 31/07/2020 5pm

E Cargo bike residency application form

This project is supported by Artspace Lifespace and the Travel West grant initiative.

Dwelling Circus City, The Island, Bristol

DOCH Residencies – Dwelling

Angeliki Meli – DOCH MA Contemporary Circus Practise

Tue 24 October – Fri 27 October 12:00 AM


Thursday 27th 8pm (30mins)

by Angeliki Meli
The circus apparatus is this space, in which the circus artist grows up and spent most of their time. What turns this space in to a space of intimacy, in to a dwelling, is the memories, the smell, the personal freedom of expressing our selves inside it and the desire of returning.

It is the Balkan sound that still exists between the mountains, the waving of the threads, the grotesque body that has been shaken between the ground and the sky.

During her residency in the building of island Angeliki is trying to expand this intimacy space between her and her discipline and turn it in into a place of being, into a dwelling.

Program (Tuesday – Wednesday- Thursday)
Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday: 17.00-19.00 this is not the right nose: invitation to participants to create with the help of Angeliki the shape of their nose
Wednesday 25th +Thursday 26th: 12.00-14.00 this is not the right rope: invitation to participants to be part of the construction of a new rope (aka connector)

Thursday only 20.00-20.30 performance, what comes out of the nose

All the days are part of an ongoing process that tries to understand where the inspiration is coming from.

Keep an eye here on the website and on twitter hashtag #CCResidencies

[dis]place Art Residency at The Vestibules, Bristol

[dis]place Synecdoche Art Residency

Synecdoche presents [dis]place at The Vestibules, City Hall, Bristol

dis: prefix – changing a term to the negative

place: noun – a particular position, point, or area in space; a location
verb – to put something somewhere
displace: verb – to move or put out of the usual or proper place

A group of artists from Synecdoche, a Bristol-based art community, will explore the
ideas that these definitions evoke during their month-long residency at The
Vestibules in September 2017. Displaced from their normal routines to make
art in a public space, they are aiming to work differently, reacting to this new
environment, bringing a range of practices and ideas that will hopefully change and
evolve over time. The visitors may influence what happens, through interaction,
conversation or by their very presence. There will always be something to see, to
inspire and engage. Come with an open mind; every day will be different.
Can the experience of being displaced offer a fresh perspective, unexpected
connections and a new understanding?

September 5 th – 29 th
Mon to Fri 11 – 3, Weds 11 – 7
Closing party Weds 27 4 – 7

We’ll be there at other times too. If the doors are open, please come in.
Please check the [dis]place Facebook event for updates or use the QR code.
Facebook @SynecdocheArt
Twitter @SynecdocheArt
Instagram @Synecdoche.Art

Maura Zukina
Chris Watkins
Clare Thatcher
Miranda Story
Soraya Schofield
Nicola Pearce
Francis Martin
Rosie McLay
Ann Kelson
Alice Jennings
Veronia Gayle
Prerna Chandiramani
Gina Baum

Lou Baker
Margaret Anstee

Sarah Fielding residency Jacob Wells Baths

Sarah Kim Fielding Residency

Sarah Fielding is a Bristol based performance artist and theatre maker and will be a resident artist at the Jacobswell Baths for 10 days at the end of Jan.

She will be using the studios at the baths for a period of research and development –  working on new collaborative ventures for 2017.